Giannini Strings for Electric Guitar Nanotec Nickel Round Wound GEEGST11 PN (.011 – .049)

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Giannini innovates once again and presents the NANOTECseries, a protective technology that uses nanoparticles to increase the durability of its string, without losing its tone and shine.

This technology covers the entire string with a protective layer, which repels moisture and oil, among other agents that cause corrosion and loss of sound. In addition to improve your strings, it also brings greater savings to the musician: greater durability, fewer changes.

All this expertise and technology acquired by Giannini over 80 years of manufacturing strings is brought to you with the NANOTEC series, which also has the ISO 9001 quality seal, making Giannini the only Brazilian string company with this recognition.

All strings in the Nanotec Electric series have Nanotec protection, low and treble.

The Electric series brings all the sound of the Giannini strings to your guitar and bass. The guitar strings Giannini Nanotec GEEGST11 PN is composed of a nickel-plated steel core. Nickel produces a bright and aggressive sound that meets a wide variety of musical styles, being very resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

All Giannini strings are produced in Brazil, at our factory in Salto, in São Paulo.

ISO 9001 Quality Seal

The entire line of Giannini strings has the approval of the ISO 9001quality seal. But what is the ISO 9001 seal?

ISO 9001 is a series of norms and rules that seek to guarantee the final quality of your strings. These procedures range from the choice of the raw material and its suppliers, going through the entire production process of the strings, training of the labor involved in the production, its distribution, until the product reaches the dealers and the consumer. These processes and all those involved in it undergo audits every year, to verify that they are being followed according to the established standard, so that the seal is renewed.

Since 2007, Giannini has been awarded the ISO 9001 seal in its strings line, which is renewed annually, proving the quality of each string that you use in your instrument.


  • Made in Brazil
  • Core: Steel
  • Coating: Nickel
  • Finish: Ball-end
  • Fingerboard lenght: 648 mm / 25 1/2″

Measurement chart

Silver Purple Green Black Red Bronze
1.E 2.B 3.G 4.D 5.A 6.E
A inch. 0.011 0.014 0.018 0.028 0.038 0.049
mm. 0.28 0.36 0.46 0.71 0.97 1.24