Acoustic Soprano Ukulele Giannini Acoustik GUK-21 Walnut Satin (WS)

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The imported Acoustik series presents one of today's most beloved instruments, the ukulele. The great advantage of the Acoustik series' ukuleles is their die-cast machine heads, which provide greater protection to the gears and greater durability of them, as well as the types of wood used in the instrument.


What you will find in this model

  • Bag
  • Die-cast Machine Heads

Back and sides

What you will find in this model

  • Sapele


Shapes available in this series

  • Soprano shape

Nut Width

Sizes available in this series

  • 35 mm Ukuleles


Sizes available in this series

  • 21"


  • Tampo: Sapele
  • Lateral e Fundo: Sapele
  • Braço: Okoume
  • Escala: Techwood
  • Fingerboard lenght: 330 mm (13")
  • Cavalete: Walnut maciço
  • Machine heads: Chrome die-cast, 2+2
  • Pestana: ABS
  • Nut width: 35 mm (1,4")
  • Rastilho: ABS
  • Saddle width: 53 mm (2,1")
  • Finish: Open pore satin varnish
  • Strings: White nylon. We recommend Giannini Cobra GEUKSC
  • Headstock: “Giannini” logo laser engraved with decorative, additional sapele plate
  • Body height: 55 x 60 mm
  • Body width: 180 x 130 mm
  • Full size: 52 cm (20,5")
  • Included: Nylon bag
  • Made in China

*Product subject to change in his features without notice