Electro Acoustic Stell Guitar Giannini Performance Pro Arizona DG1 PAFE FISHMAN OP

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In a small pub or on the stage of that gigantic festival; with the street performer or the megastar accustomed to arenas: wherever we have live music, we will find a guitar with steel strings – and Giannini presents the new Arizona series to help the artists to obtain an even more outstanding, powerful and vibrant sound, whether with friends or in front of an audience of thousands. The use of woods such as Pau-Ferro and Louro-Preto is one of the new features we present here, complemented by equalizers developed to make the experience of the new models truly special.

A new feature is the option for the Fishman system . The preamp Fishman Presys II features excellent sound performance in a compact design. This model has the flexible Fishman Sonicore pickup (with saddle, new version even better) and has Volume, Bass, Treble and Phase Switch controls. In addition to the Chromatic Tuner (with LED display), it also has a low battery indicator and a battery box (9V) with output jack for mono P10 plug.

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The Woods

Sitka Spruce

It results in instruments with good projection and a very “live” sound, with prominent bass, clear tones and lots of attack. Found in North America, especially in the moist soils of temperate forests, Sitka Spruce is creamy-white, light pink or brown in color. Its tree, which can reach almost 100 meters in height, is considered the third largest living being in the world, behind only the sequoia and eucalyptus. It has the best strength-to-weight ratio among all cataloged wood species.


Used in acoustic instruments and in the creation of fingerboards and bridges. It produces pieces with good sound, beautiful finishing and excellent sustain, with a brighter tone than Rosewood, but which manages to retain the warmth for which Rosewood is celebrated. Its color varies from light yellowish brown to brownish brown, with dark veins forming characteristic and exotic irregular designs. Known for its rigidity, moderately light and very durable, Pau-Ferro is found in Goiás, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, São Paulo and Paraná states.

Brazilian Cedar

Widely used in solid instruments, due to its lightness and stability. The sound provided by Brazilian Cedro is characterized by a deeper and velvety tone, excellent bright definition (as it is not very resinous), good projection and sustain. Natural wood from open forests and fields with a hot/humid climate, widely distributed in the North region, mainly in the states of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará and Rondônia. It has low density, medium to thick texture, pinkish-beige color, and veins forming smooth regular designs.



What you will find in this model

  • Bi-directional Truss Rod
  • 2 Bandas
  • Tuner
  • Die-cast Machine Heads
  • Fishman system

Back and sides

What you will find in this model

  • Pau-Ferro


Shapes available in this series

  • Shape Dreadnought

Nut Width

Sizes available in this series

  • Acoustic guitar 44 mm


Sizes available in this series

  • 40"


  • Origem: Brasil
  • Shape: Folk dreadnought eletroacústico
  • Cor: Natural
  • Tampo: Sitka Spruce maciço
  • Lateral e Fundo: Pau-Ferro
  • Braço: Cedro Brasileiro
  • Tensor: Bi-direcional
  • Escala: Pau-Ferro
  • Comprimento da escala: 650 mm (25,6”)
  • Cavalete: Pau-Ferro
  • Tarraxas: Blindadas cromadas
  • Pestana: Osso
  • Largura da pestana: 44 mm (1,73”)
  • Rastilho: Osso
  • Largura do rastilho: 75 mm (2,95”)
  • Equalizador: Fishman Presys ll, 2 bandas com afinador e saída P-10
  • Acabamento: Verniz fosco open pore (OP)
  • Cordas: Giannini Cobra Bronze GEEFLKS .012-.054
  • Headstock: Placa adicional em Pau-Ferro
  • Largura da caixa: 400 x 295 mm
  • Altura da caixa: 110 x 120 mm
  • Tamanho total: 102,5 cm (40,35”)
  • Garantia: 1 ano a partir da data na nota fiscal de compra

*Product subject to change in his features without notice