NCP2 Fishman NG

Violão Náilon Eletroacústico Giannini Performance Pro NCP2 Fishman NG

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Anyone who plays a musical instrument wants versatility – and Giannini knows this. The new Performance Pro possuem as características básicas do NFLE, nosso mais famoso violão flat, porém com caixa respeitando as medidas clássicas, cutaway para melhor acesso às notas mais agudas, e agora com o sistema Fishman system . The preamp Fishman Presys II features excellent sound performance in a compact design. This model has the flexible Fishman Sonicore pickup (with saddle, new version even better) and has Volume, Bass, Treble and Phase Switch controls. In addition to the Chromatic Tuner (with LED display), it also has a low battery indicator and a battery box (9V) with output jack for mono P10 plug.

Everything designed and developed for those looking for variety, both in format and appearance – because, when it comes to tone, sound, comfort and functionality, the Giannini standard that you already know remains intact.

The NCP1 have a solid Red Cedar (Canadian Cedar) top and Pau-Ferro on the back and sides; the NCP2have a solid Engelmann Spruce top and back and sides in Louro-Preto, both have a Brazilian Cedar neck, Pau-Ferro fingerboard and glossy or satin (open pore) finish .

The Woods

Pinho Engelmann

Light color wood, with a smooth tone and excellent ressonance, whose strong point is the range of its frequencies, which favors picking and/or strumming dynamics. Preferably used in guitar tops, it is also used for harps, pianos and violins. A native tree of the United States, the Engelmann Spruce is also found in some areas of Canada, and grows only at altitude. Named after George Engelmann, a German botanist considered the discoverer of the species.


With a sound more towards medium/low bass, Louro-Preto has a quality attack and excellent sustain. In musical instruments, it is used not only in the bodies of guitars and violas, but also to make necks, fingerboards and bridges. It has a medium texture, great density, highlighted longitudinal bands, and a soft cut (despite its hardness). Tree that can reach up to nine meters in height, and prefers Cerrado and Caatinga climates. Present mainly in the states of Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais and Paraná.

Brazilian Cedar

Widely used in solid instruments, due to its lightness and stability. The sound provided by Brazilian Cedro is characterized by a deeper and velvety tone, excellent bright definition (as it is not very resinous), good projection and sustain. Natural wood from open forests and fields with a hot/humid climate, widely distributed in the North region, mainly in the states of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará and Rondônia. It has low density, medium to thick texture, pinkish-beige color, and veins forming smooth regular designs.


Used in acoustic instruments and in the creation of fingerboards and bridges. It produces pieces with good sound, beautiful finishing and excellent sustain, with a brighter tone than Rosewood, but which manages to retain the warmth for which Rosewood is celebrated. Its color varies from light yellowish brown to brownish brown, with dark veins forming characteristic and exotic irregular designs. Known for its rigidity, moderately light and very durable, Pau-Ferro is found in Goiás, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, São Paulo and Paraná states.


  • Origem: Brasil
  • Shape: Clássico cutaway, eletroacústico
  • Cor: Natural
  • Tampo: Pinho Engelmann maciço
  • Lateral e Fundo: Louro-Preto
  • Braço: Cedro Brasileiro
  • Tensor: Bi-direcional
  • Escala: Pau-Ferro
  • Comprimento da escala: 650 mm (25,6”)
  • Cavalete: Pau-Ferro
  • Tarraxas: Pino grosso douradas
  • Pestana: Osso
  • Largura da pestana: 48 mm (1,9”)
  • Rastilho: Osso
  • Largura do rastilho: 73 mm (2,9”)
  • Equalizador: Fishman Presys ll, 2 bandas com afinador e saída P-10
  • Acabamento: Verniz brilhante (NG)
  • Cordas: Giannini Clássico Bronze GENWXPA Extra Pesada
  • Headstock: Placa adicional em Pau-Ferro
  • Largura da caixa: 380 x 275 mm
  • Altura da caixa: 99 x 107 mm
  • Tamanho total: 99 cm (39”)
  • Garantia: 1 ano a partir da data na nota fiscal de compra

*Product subject to change in his features without notice